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The Car Tax Strikes Back

12 Feb

Wait, you mean it wasn't a dream?

4 Nov
Photo H/T: Bearing Drift

Photo H/T: Bearing Drift

Blow out
Bearing Drift
The real question now, with the margin of victory as large as it is, will McDonnell have a mandate?

Contests serve as warning to Democrats: It’s not 2008 anymore
The Washington Post

On Tuesday, Virginia moved back in the direction of Republicans, a reminder that the political landscape is far more fluid than it appeared to be a year ago — and a challenge for the White House and the Democrats as they look toward 2010.

Dems, incumbents get wake-up call

Tuesday night’s trends were emphatically not in Obama’s favor. Among those paying closest attention are dozens of Democrats who won formerly Republican congressional districts in 2006 and 2008 and are up for re-election in 2010.

The Obama magic has faded
The New York Post
And — until it started looking as if they might lose — the Obama people were suggesting that these races would seal their mandate and encourage congressional wafflers to toe the line on health-care reform. Not so much, as it turns out.

Disregard The Talk Of VA Voting Against The President’s Party For Gov.
Virginia Virtucon

Do you see a pattern emerging here? When GOP candidates run on specific issues of importance to people in their every day lives, they not only win, but they win BIG.


Before the votes are counted, Democrats continue the blame game

27 Oct



Name of the game: Cut your losses

We all know the game here: Cut your losses. But it is incredibly unseemly to trash your own candidate with 10 days to go in an election.

Washington Post in Distress. McDonnell Leads by 11

26 Oct




McDonnell has double-digit lead in Va. governor’s race, Post poll says
The Washington Post

Statewide, McDonnell now leads Deeds among likely voters by a 55 to 44 percent margin.

How many cows did it take to produce this letter?

22 Oct

Honestly how many animals are needed to pile up this much B.S.? We won’t bother refuting the letter. If you’ve been paying attention, it’s obvious.

An email from the President:


Virginia, it’s time to get fired up. I’ve just announced that I’ll be visiting next Tuesday to rally you and your neighbors in support of Creigh Deeds and our movement for change. Creigh Deeds has offered real solutions to address Virginia’s challenges in transportation and the economy, and it’s up to us now to build the support that will make those solutions a reality.

We made history here in Virginia last year. Together with your neighbors, you built a movement in order to move this commonwealth and our country forward.

But from day one, we knew we were working toward something far greater than simply one election. It was about changing the way politics in our country works — from the bottom up, face to face, one conversation at a time. And it was about getting beyond the divisiveness and petty politics that have kept too many out of the process.

That promise is now ours to keep.

Election Day in Virginia is less than two weeks away, and you have an important choice to make — not just in how you vote, but in what you make of this important opportunity to create change. We can take a giant step together toward keeping that promise of a better future for Virginia by doing all that we can to elect Creigh Deeds as the next governor.

Join fellow Virginians in keeping the promise of change alive by volunteering for Creigh Deeds.

We’ve worked too hard and come too far to let Virginia slip back. Creigh Deeds has embraced the movement you started by speaking directly and honestly to Virginians about the challenges ahead and the ideas that will move us forward.

His record of bringing people together to create solutions to difficult challenges is exactly the kind of change we built this movement to achieve — and it’s exactly what Virginia needs now.

But it’s up to you to make sure that your friends and neighbors know the stark choice they face in this election by making calls and knocking on doors. And it’s up to you to make sure that those we helped to vote and get involved for the first time in Virginia last year do so again now.

We know firsthand that we can win elections in Virginia the right way — one real, thoughtful conversation at a time. But we also know the only way it can happen is when people who believe in our cause step up and get involved. That means this year, right now, it all comes down to you.

Help keep the promise of change alive by getting involved and building support for Creigh Deeds in these final two weeks:


Thank you,

President Barack Obama

Election 2009: Carpathia steams to rescue Titanic, but is it too late?

20 Oct

With poll, after poll, after poll showing Bob McDonnell (as well as Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli) with a commanding and potentially runaway lead, and from what we’re hearing more devasting numbers out tomorrow [Virginia Virtucon: More (REALLY) Bad Polling News Due Out Wed. For Deeds], the Deeds camp sent one final S.O.S. to the White House that had previously seemed to be turning a deaf ear to Virginia.

Sensing the potential embarrassment of losing a state that last year voted for a Democrat for the first time in 40 years, President Barack Nicolae Carpathia Obama will reportedly campaign with/for Deeds in Hampton Roads on October 27th [Bearing Drift: Sources: Obama Stumping for Deeds in Hampton Roads Oct 27th].  But as we asked is it Trick?  Or Treat?

It seems that the once unsinkable Democratic ship has hit the iceberg and is taking on water faster than Barack Obama can grow the national deficit.  Republicans hold commanding leads in all three top races and it’s looking more and more like there will be GOP gains in the House of Delegates.

It was said of the Titanic that “even God could not sink her.”  God disagreed.

And last November Virginia was declared to be a “Blue State.”

But it appears that the Democrats just don’t have enough lifeboats.


Nobody expects the Shannon Inquisition

20 Oct

shannoninquisitionFrom Shaun Kenney:  Shannon Attacks Cuccinelli on Confession?!

I’ve long railed against the anti-Catholicism that runs ever so close to the surface in Virginia politics.  Sometimes it bubbles up, and in Steve Shannon’s failing campaign to be the next Attorney General of Virginia, it just came to the forefront.

Shaun says:

The problem with the bill isn’t just the fact that federal courts have upheld the “seal of confession” for Catholic priests, the problem is that the attack on Cuccinelli just ain’t true.

Shaun’s got the video of the misleading Shannon ad.

Shades of 2005?

Just as it is in my life, my religious faith was a vital part of that story. I spoke about it often. But it wasn’t clear until late in the race how much of an impact my faith would play in the contest, when Kilgore ran aggressive death penalty attack ads. Using the family members of crime victims, Kilgore insisted that my personal faith-based opposition to capital punishment would prevent me from carrying out executions. The ads were shocking and emotional. They led some pundits to immediately claim they would sink my campaign.
How I Won, by Tim Kaine, Blueprint Magazine, February 9, 2006

Kaine responded to the Kilgore ad with one of his own, in which a narrator quotes blurbs from various newspapers that denounced the Republican spot as “vile,”  a “smear,” “dishonest,” and a false accusation against “a decent man” for which Kilgore “should apologize.”
FactCheck.org, October 19, 2005

And back to Shaun:

Here’s the kicker:  This anti-Catholic attack ad comes just days after Steve Shannon refused to fill out the Virginia Catholic Conference survey — joining the Deeds, Wagner, and 40 other state Democrats who tossed aside the questionnaire.

The Washington Post Endorses Creigh Deeds

20 Oct

We are not surprised.

See also:

Bearing Drift:


The right-wing liberal:

Trick? Or Treat? Obama to campaign for Deeds right before Halloween

16 Oct

deedsobamahugAnnounced on a Friday…when you typically release the news you want buried in the weekend cycle.

From a press release:


ALEXANDRIA – President Barack Obama will campaign with Democratic nominee for governor Creigh Deeds on Tuesday, October 27th. Further details will be announced in the coming days.

H/T Tertium Quids

Washington Times: Deeds dwindles

14 Oct

EDITORIAL: Deeds dwindles
The Democrat gets desperate in Virginia governor’s race

The Washington Times

Memo to Creigh Deeds – If an admirer compares you to a tested wartime president, that’s gratifying. When you compare yourself to Harry Truman, you look small and desperate.

Every editorial from Virginia newspapers pointing out campaign whoppers trims the Democratic gubernatorial candidate a little further. By the time Monday’s debate hit the airwaves, Mr. Deeds needed to sit on a phone book to look the moderator in the eye.