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Who the &^%$ buys a t-shirt like this?

18 Feb

I was out to dinner tonight with the wife and the 10-year-old.  The 20-year-old was off on his own pursuits. 

As we were leaving the restaurant (T.G.I.Friday’s) a couple was walking out of the bar at the same time. 

They looked to be in their 30s, but I couldn’t be sure because what caught my eye was the man’s t-shirt. 

In big bold letters it read:

“F*** the crackers, Polly wanna tattoo.”

Only the big word wasn’t censored.  It was right there in big block letters in all of its explosive consonant glory.

How quaint.

Look, I’m no prude.  I know the word.  It neither shocks nor offends me.  You can’t work in politics very long if it does.  And, truth be told, in almost 52 years, it’s probably exploded across my lips a time or two.

But what kind of degenerate wears it on a shirt?  In public?

What misfiring brain synapses makes someone look in the mirror and say “this is the fashion statement I want to make?”

And why are the fashion police never around when you really need them?


And now for something completely different…

16 Feb

The Lion in Winterpock

12 Nov

So, a lion has been wandering around Chesterfield County since October 30 (at least) and it still hasn’t been found?

Authorities get reports of lion roaming Bon Air
Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 30

Richmond authorities have received reports of a lion sighting near the Chesterfield County line in Bon Air.

Salisbury group spreads lion warning
Richmond Times Dispatch, November 7

A Radstock Road resident reported seeing an animal that looked like a mountain lion. The animal was described as the size of a very large dog and appeared to weigh about 100 pounds.

More Lion Sightings In Chesterfield
WRIC, November 8

“I saw it full bodied, it was kind of sitting down right by the tree there so it was 50 to 75 feet from where I was. I got a good look at it and ran in the house, I was very nervous and told my wife— but by the time we got back to the windows it had walked off,” recalls Tom Magne.

Big Cat On The Prowl In Metro Richmond?

Over the past few weeks, animal control officers have received several reports of a mountain lion in the metro Richmond area. The latest happened on Tuesday night. Officers were called to investigate another possible sighting in the 1400 block of Brownleaf Drive in south Richmond. That’s in the Bramblewood Estates Apartments.

Okay, Bon Air to Salisbury to South Richmond?  Is this all the same lion?  Is it really a mountain lion?  An escaped “pet?”

The animal is only going to do what comes naturally.  Of course, today’s reports on WRVA said that it may “naturally” view pets or small children as prey.

Let’s be careful out there.

Jerome Corsi held in Kenya

7 Oct

American Author of Anti-Obama Book Detained in Kenya
FOX News

An American author who penned an anti-Barack Obama book has been detained by immigration authorities in Kenya after plans to launch the book there, the Times of London reported.


Omaoist Children Sing for the Dear Leader – Remix

2 Oct

The original video has been pulled from YouTube. Either it was frightening the masses or the parents realized they were exploiting their own children.

But not to worry, Michelle Malkin found another, slightly more accurate, copy.

This just creeps me out

30 Sep

Obamaoist children sing for the Dear Leader.

I had exactly the same response that Ed Morrisey did over at HotAir. This is what I thought of:

Riley at Virginia Virtucon tells us that one of the “brains” behind this is NBC News head honcho Jeff Zucker. Riley pulled this from a link that no longer exists on the Obama website:

The likes of Jeff Zucker, Holly Schiffer, Peter Rosenfeld, Darin Moran, Jean Martin, Andy Blumenthal, and Nick Phoenix rearranged schedules to participate. Holly Schiffer was able to get three High Definition cameras (Panasonic HVX250’s), and an AVID editing facility. When Jeff Zucker went to pick up the camera package, Ted Schilowitz happened to be there and offered a RED camera set up on a Steadi Cam.

Fortunately, nothing ever disappears from the Internet. Google has it cached.

And, just in case, I have a screen shot.

It's 3:00 a.m. and John McCain can't log into Facebook

12 Sep
Image by Michael Asher (click for link)

Image by Michael Asher (click for link)

Bend over and kiss your fanny goodbye.

At least that’s what Barack Obama wants you to think. His new ad is out today and he says he’s taking off the gloves. Jake Tapper at ABC says by his count that it’s the fourth time Obama has “taken off the gloves.”

Just exactly how many pairs of gloves does this elitist own? I have a pair for winter and a pair of work gloves. That’s pretty much it.

Then again, I’m not the one we’ve been waiting for.

Obama’s ad attacks John McCain for going to Washington in 1982 and for not using email. Of course when McCain went to Washington that was a full ten years after Joe Biden was first elected to the Senate. But who’s counting?  We’ll get to the email in just a second.

And gee, what was Barry O. doing in the early 80s? Not many years before that, he was an admitted marjiuana and cocaine user. Had he stopped by then?

According to this 2003 State Journal-Register article posted on the NORML website, “Obama, 42, told me recently he had tried marijuana in high school and hasn’t consumed any illegal drugs in 20 years.”

Do the math. That’s 1983.

Kudos to Obama for putting his drug use behind him. But let’s be fair if we’re going to talk about the past, we should talk about everyone’s past.

Back to the ad. Just who put this together? Quite frankly it’s rather amateurish. After the weeks of gobsmackingly (oops, didn’t mean to say “smack” referring to Obama) really brilliant ads from the McCain camp, this one looks kinda cheesy.

Yes, I’m biased. Yes, I’m partisan. But to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “I paid for this website.”

So what if John McCain doesn’t use email? World War III is not going to be launched via text message. Which is a good thing, since Barry can’t even get that right.

Look my eight year old is pretty computer savvy. He doesn’t have email and texting yet because I don’t let him. Not because he couldn’t do it. It’s what he’s grown up with.

So, sorry if John McCain doesn’t consider it a priority. It’s not like he’s uninformed. He didn’t even have to use Google to know that Russia has veto power on the U.N. Security Council.

Quite frankly, I could use a little less email in my life. It is at times, a distraction. I know dozens of people without an email account. Amazingly, we can still communicate.

Besides, didn’t Barry just say two days ago, “These are serious times and they call for a serious debate…spare me all the phony outrage. Spare me all the phony talk about change.”

Why yes, yes he did in response to Lipstickgate.

If you run across him in a chat room, maybe you could ask him if this is what he means by “serious debate.”

Unless he’s out shopping for new gloves.

UPDATE:  It seems that someone as technically savvy as Barack Obama would be able to do a Lexus-Nexis search, if he could have maybe he’d have found this:

McCain gets emotional at the mention of military families needing food stamps or veterans lacking health care. The outrage comes from inside: McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes. Friends marvel at McCain’s encyclopedic knowledge of sports. He’s an avid fan – Ted Williams is his hero – but he can’t raise his arm above his shoulder to throw a baseball. The Boston Herald, March 2000

H/T Jonah Goldberg

Scenes of patriotism from the Democratic National Convention

28 Aug

It’s a Grand Old Flag, stuffed down in a trash bag…

It was pretty TV alright.  All those thousands of waving American flags as an impeached President struggled to hold onto his legacy.  But here’s the scene today.

Not even worth it as a souvenir?

H/T Redstate. See also: Where’s the flag?

Eau Claire: Another of the 58 states that doesn't border Delaware

24 Aug

Howard Dean is two pickles short of a daily special

6 Aug

Seems the possibility of Vice President Cantor has got Mr. Screaminess all flustered.

Democrats quick to rap Cantor as VP prospect
Richmond-Times Dispatch

The attack on Cantor also seeks to link him to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who held a fundraiser for Cantor in 2003 and even named a sandwich after Cantor. Abramoff, now in jail, partly owned a Washington deli.

H/T Virginia Virtucon:  DNC Attacks Cantor For Having A Sandwich Named For Him

I think Howard got into some bad mayonaise.