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A Tale of Two Angers

30 Mar

Los Angeles, March 20, 2010

Before the ink had dried on the Big Effin’ Health Care disaster, the White House and the Democrats began their public relations campaign to garner support for…wait for it…the bill that had just been signed into law.

Attacks and accusations were levied at the Republicans, at the Tea Parties, at Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and let’s face it, the majority of Americans who still oppose this insanity.

True to form, right out of the Democratic playbook, the slams came from the top down, starting with DNC Chairman Tim Kaine who tried to blame Republicans for “trying to stoke anger.”

Not to be upstaged, the President himself said in an interview with Matt Lauer that essentially there was a core group of people in the Tea Parties who didn’t believe he was born in this country and who believed he was a socialist.

Let’s get that straight, Mr. President, while you haven’t really played it straight about your birth certificate (or your college records or much else for that matter) we do indeed believe you were born in this country. It’s not your eligibility that we worry about. It’s your ability.

As for being a socialist? That’s not something we believe. That’s something we know.

Closer to home, a little blog war of sorts has errupted with an attack from liberal bloggers Ben Tribbett and Lowell Feld against Bearing Drift’s Jim Hoeft.

Hoeft explains here: Not Larry Sabato levels accusations at Bearing Drift

And here: We’re nowhere near a violent revolution

Hoeft points to an article written by Kevin Boyd over at United Liberty: This Is Not The Time For Revolution

It’s a worthwhile read. Boyd concludes:

What those of us who love liberty need to do is step back and channel our anger into more productive means than dreaming about and threatening revolution. We need to build our own political mandate, a mandate for liberty.

Following up on Hoeft’s posts, Ward Smythe weighs in with: Clown Princes of the Virginia Blogosphere Try to Stage a “Gotcha” Rematch

Smythe rightly points out that there is hate and violence on all sides. He likewise notes that no one is condoning the use of violence.

Hoeft’s point, as well as Boyd’s was clearly, that we’re not there yet.

Could it happen? Every red-blooded American male who has ever seen the movie “Red Dawn” knows that, yes, it could.

But we’re not there yet.

So what’s this all about? Why the rhetoric from Obama and Kaine? Why the attacks from Tribbett and Feld?

It’s about controlling the message.

What the left wants you to believe is that the hate is coming from the right. That the violence is coming from the right.

That’s just not true.

Maybe in the days before Al Gore invented the intertubz they could have gotten away with it. But quite simply, we’re just not going to allow that.

Today at TownHall, John Hawkins writes about: Violent Liberal Hate Rhetoric: Fifteen Quotes

Well today, that free pass has run out because people are going to get just a taste of the violent rhetoric that has been coming from the Left for years in this country. Conservatives have long since been willing to stand up and say that they oppose political violence and threats coming from our side – as well we should. So, when will Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama finally stand up and condemn the ocean of violence and hatred being spewed by their friends, supporters and ideological allies?

Hawkins gives fifteen examples of liberal hatred. Follow the link to read them. But be warned, they’re not for the squeamish or easily offended.

If you’re a more visual person, Pajamas Media gives us: Searchlight vs. L.A.: Rival Rallies Reveal Stark Right/Left Divide

It’s a series of pictures contrasting the March 27 “Tea Party” rally in Searchlight, Nevada, featuring Sarah Palin with a March 20 Anit-war Rally in Los Angeles.

We’re not even going back to post the Code Pink pictures calling for George Bush to be executed as a war criminal. After all, according to the Democrats, dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Or it used to be until our dissent was directed at them.

One final example. Big Government has the video of Reid Supporters Throwing Eggs And Assaulting Andrew Breitbart.

We won’t even point to the Obama Supporter who threatened to kill Congressman Eric Cantor (Virginia Virtucon), because, like Tom over at Virginia Right, we’re a bit confused about who he is.

So here’s the thing, in spite of what the failing mainstream media, and the left (interchangeable terms we know) are trying to tell you, the hate that is being spewed is being spewed from the left. And it’s ugly.

Is the right without sin enough to cast the first stone? Hardly.

The left points with bloodstained fingers. Sometimes literally.

But I think in all of this, there’s one point that’s being missed. I think it was Doug Mataconis of Below the Beltway that tweeted the other day, something like, in spite of all the rhetoric, what Congress and the White House are missing is that the American people are angry.

Indeed we are.


MSNBC…Cue the Prozac

23 Jan


Olbermann calls tea-partiers ‘poor, dumb, manipulated bastards’
The Daily Caller

On Thursday night Olbermann continued his slide, seemingly unaware of the crassness of his remarks, or that he was on national television, by calling tea-party conservatives “poor, dumb, manipulated bastards” on-air.

Video at the link.

As I’ve asked before, aren’t you people embarrassed to sign his paycheck?

A series of unfortunate events…if you're a Massachusetts liberal

15 Jan

As Ed Morrissey asks today at Hot Air: Did Democrats outsmart themselves in Massachusetts?

This all seemed to go by plan for the Democrats.  They had ensured ideological continuity of the seat, and more importantly gave Harry Reid back his 60th vote for cloture, which allowed Reid and Obama to press forward with their plans to overhaul the American health-care system.  All they would need is to keep Kirk in place until Massachusetts sent another Kennedy protege to the Senate.

Enter the Coakley-Brown race where a Suffolk University Poll has Scott Brown leading Martha Coakley 50-46 (CBS News) and the Daily Caller says that Republican Scott Brown has raised at least one million dollars every day this week.

National attention has turned to Massachusetts where Republican State Senator Scott Brown now has a very realistic chance of taking the seat Ted Kennedy held since he was elected in 1962 to fill the seat for his brother, President John F. Kennedy.

But as Scott Brown reminded Massachusetts in last week’s debate: 

“Well, with all due respect it’s not the Kennedys’ seat, and it’s not the Democrats’ seat, it’s the people’s seat.”


Indeed, even more than the famed Wellstone funeral rally that ultimately lead to Norm Coleman’s 2002 victory over Walter Mondale, the Democrats may have again overplayed their hand.

This is Massachusetts.  This was supposed to be easy.

But in a time where the country is rallying against Obamacare and the liberal agenda in Washington, anything is possible, even in Massachusetts.  And Martha Coakley isn’t helping her own cause.  Consider these gaffes.

From the same debate Coakley said:

If the goal was and the vision in Afghanistan was to go in because we believe the Taliban was giving harbor to terrorists, we supported that, I supported that goal. They are gone, they are not there anymore, they are in apparently Yemen and Pakistan.

The Weekly Standard

Doesn’t she read the news?  Or maybe it’s those darned Methodists with their suicide bombing tactics again.

We continue:

Then she takes a swipe at Fenway fans, and snarks at Brown’s handshaking event outside the Winter Classic hockey game.

Coakley bristles at the suggestion that, with so little time left, in an election with such high stakes, she is being too passive.

“As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?’’ she fires back, in an apparent reference to a Brown online video of him doing just that.

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

Just yesterday on Ken Pittman’s show, she implied that if you’re pro life, you shouldn’t work in an Emergency Room.

Ken Pittman: Right, if you are a Catholic, and believe what the Pope teaches that any form of birth control is a sin. ah you don’t want to do that.

Martha Coakley: No we have a seperation of church and state Ken, lets be clear.

Ken Pittman: In the emergency room you still have your religious freedom.

Martha Coakley: (……uh, eh…um..) The law says that people are allowed to have that. You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.

Finally (or is it?) we learn that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has decided to “help” Martha Coakley by releasing an ad with an image of Scott Brown and The World Trade Center.  Ben Smith, Politico

The ad and the image have been pulled, but thanks to Al Gore’s Intertubz, we have a screen cap.

Senator Brown is correct.  It’s not the Kennedy seat.  It’s not the Democrat’s seat.  It’s not Martha Coakley’s seat.

And the people are about to take it back.

Can you spot the hypocrites in this video?

6 Oct

Jimmy Carter, Still irrelevant after all these years

16 Sep

carter_terroristFor a few years after Jimmy Carter left the White House, I admired him for his work with Habitat for Humanity, for teaching his Sunday School class and for the most part being a southern gentleman.  Then for some inexplicable reason, he thought it made sense for him to become involved in foreign policy again.

Does he not realize that his failure at foreign policy, well and domestic policy too, was the reason he was a one term President?

Maybe Carter fears that, with Obama’s plunging poll numbers, he runs the risk of no longer being considered the worst U.S. President in the history of mankind.

Carter’s latest is to blame opposition to President Obama’s proposed socialist takeover of health care as “racism.”  Jimmy knows because after all, and presumably because he used to be a racist.  Oh, get over it, he was born in 1924 in Georgia for cryin’ out loud.

So, what do you do about Jimmy Carter?  Rush Limbaugh put it this way:

Jimmy Carter is the nation’s hemorrhoid, folks, and we don’t have a tube of Prep H big enough to deal with it. He’s an anti-Semite — ah, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian Jimmy Carter; the national hemorrhoid.

But perhaps the editors at National Review Online say it best: The inescapable conclusion is that Mr. Carter has defective judgment. We already knew that: We’ve known it since he clenched his fist and proclaimed energy conservation the “moral equivalent of war” while clad in a sweater. We’ve known it since his disastrous economic policies further impoverished the poor while he smugly posed as their champion. And he has gone from hammering nails into Habitat for Humanity houses to hammering what remains of his reputation to smithereens. The nation was poorer for his presidency and is poorer still for his emeritus shenanigans.

They wouldn't let Joe Wilson join in any reindeer games

15 Sep
Bailiff, whack his pee pee         < /Cheech and Chong>

Bailiff, whack his pee pee < /Cheech and Chong>

Because they have nothing else to do, oh like rescuing a dying economy, the U.S. House of Representatives today voted to reprimand Representative Joe Wilson for his outburst during the President’s speech last week.  Yes, Wilson already apologized. Yes, the President accepted the apology.

The New York Times reports that the Virginia delegation split along party lines:


Democrats — Boucher, Y; Connolly, Y; Moran, Y; Nye, Y; Perriello, Y; Scott, Y.

Republicans — Cantor, N; Forbes, N; Goodlatte, N; Wittman, N; Wolf, N.

The House actually voted today on rules for how you can insult the President.

House guidelines for Presidential put-downs
Especially useful: The section on how to properly insult the executive branch in the in the chamber.

Will all due respect, I don’t need their help.

And suddenly the South Carolina tourism industry is getting “flooded” with boycott calls and emails.

Tourism boycott threatened over Wilson’s ‘You lie’ outburst
McClatchy Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON — State and local tourism officials are being flooded by emails and calls from people across the country, saying they won’t vacation in South Carolina because they’re upset by GOP Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst at President Barack Obama.

Give me a break.  I don’t believe the majority of these people ever intended to visit South Carolina.

Creigh Deeds on the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

5 Sep
Marvin: I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed.
Marvin: I think you ought to know I’m feeling very depressed.


42…it seems to be the number Creigh Deeds just can’t rise above.

In spite of the Washington Post Macaca Reunion Tour, candidate Creigh Deeds just can’t seem to rise above 42 percent in any poll.

McDonnell by 12; GOP rolling
Looks like the left wing will have to dream up another attack besides phantom confederate flags and twenty-year-old papers.

The Creigh Deeds Ceiling?
Two Conservative

…this strategy is never going to put Deeds over 50%.

Well, so much for that set of “plans”
The right-wing liberal

Creigh Deeds’ effort to terrify the Virginia electorate into voting for him not only fell flat, it has also sucked the air out of the down-ticket races.

McDonnell 54 Deeds 42
Shaun Kenney

This has got to be embarassing for the Washington Post.  Just when you think something might come around to sell some newsprint, the numbers simply don’t bear it out.  As for the social media buzz within the Democratic blogosphere, the Republican social media network simply closed ranks and shrugged.

“McDonnell thesis fracas not hurting Republican’s lead”

Liberals will have to go back to the Democrat play book because it looks like this one isn’t going to take … which also puts egg on the face of the Washington Post that tried so hard to duplicate their “macaca” glory.

Second Consecutive Post-Thesis Poll Shows No Damage To McDonnell
Virginia Virtucon

In poll after poll after poll, it seems that Deeds cannot break above the 42% ceiling.

SurveyUSA: McDonnell, Ticket Cruising
Mason Conservative

I’ve gone over it before; that we have a strong statewide ticket, that the Democrat ticket has no natural base or constituency at any level of the ticket, and that they have been in power long enough that they own the problems in the state…The fact that Cuccinelli is above 50% in every part of the state is stunning, we haven’t seen this one-sided an ass-kicking since Jerry Kilgore dismantled Donald McEachin.

Poor thesis
Fishersville Mike

The theory went, when voters find out about Bob McDonnell’s connections to Pat Robertson, that his support would falter.

It’s not quite time for the Deeds camp to panic…yet.  Let’s just hope they remember their towel.

Oh sure, Labor Day’s right around the corner and in the final two months he’ll likely climb a bit. But it’s clear the orchestrated smear campaign against Bob McDonnell is not working.

Cal Thomas: Dems Getting Scared

4 Sep

Democrats face an increasingly skeptical and angry public as they approach their first elections under Obama
Cal Thomas, World Magazine

If the Post is so concerned about the fitness of McDonnell for governor because of what he wrote in a single thesis, why hasn’t it been similarly aggressive in rooting out Barack Obama’s records from Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard? And does anyone—especially McDonnell’s opponent—want to run on a pro-fornication platform? Even President Obama has said he wants to reduce the number of abortions in America. And who thinks parents spend too much time with their children?

Read more.

Obama's Green Jobs Czar Van Jones: Republicans Are "A**holes"

2 Sep

Imagine the response had a Republican said this…

White House Green Jobs Adviser: Republicans Are ‘Assholes’
Fox News

Van Jones, the Obama administration’s “green jobs” adviser, told a group of listeners earlier in the year that the reason Republicans are stonewalling the president is because they’re “assholes.”

The video (be warned he says it several times):

Okay, let’s be fair. In some cases, he’s actually right. But he’s a national government official and he has no business saying this in a public forum.

Washington Post: Character Assassins

2 Sep

macacalert2We told you it was an orchestrated smear campaign:

WaPo Ratchets Up Attacks on Republican Bob McDonnell; Six Articles in Four Days
Scott Whitlock, NewsBusters

The Washington Post on Wednesday increased its frenzied attack on Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell, featuring two stories in the paper’s Metro section, an op-ed and a cartoon. Including opinion pieces, the Post has delivered six articles in four days on the Republican’s 1989 master’s thesis about families and government policy.
Read more.

Here are the articles (so far). It’s important to note that the headlines are more inflammatory than the actual articles.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Front Page Story:  ’89 Thesis A Different Side of McDonnell

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Governor’s Race Erupts Over McDonnell’s Past Views

Bob McDonnell, Culture Warrior
An editioral demanding McDonnell respond, ignoring the 90 minute media conference call less than 24 hours prior.

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

McDonnell Tries to Salvage Women’s Votes

Thesis Issue Builds, McDonnell Tries to Move On

The Macaca Thesis, Editorial


This is a pattern for the Washington Post.  They did it to George Allen in 2006.  They did it to Sarah Palin in 2008.

Of course, once they’ve destroyed the Republican, they’ll apologize.  Sort of.

Sunday, November 5, 2006
Balance and Bias on the Political Beat, Deborah Howell
The macaca coverage went on too long, and a profile of Allen was relentlessly negative without balancing coverage of what made him a popular governor and senator.

Sunday, November 9, 2008
An Obama Tilt in Campaign Coverage, Deborah Howell
The Post provided a lot of good campaign coverage, but readers have been consistently critical of the lack of probing issues coverage and what they saw as a tilt toward Democrat Barack Obama. My surveys, which ended on Election Day, show that they are right on both counts.

Will they get away with it this time?  That depends on you and me.

SWAC Girl has an excellent summary today:  Examiner and others begin “macaca watch” on WaPost
Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Washington Post to look into past writings from Creigh Deeds or to do an indepth study of his voting record. And don’t wait for them to demand accountability from Barack Obama who refuses to release his college thesis from Columbia University or his academic records from Occidental College, Columbia University or Harvard Law School.


WaPo Opens Jihad Against McDonnell
Christian Toto, Human Events
Can the Post serve as a political kingmaker again for the Old Dominion State? Or will a feisty alternative media rise up to stop any attempts to turn a college assignment into a campaign killer? And if so, why didn’t the paper pull out all the stops regarding another candidate’s past?

Is the Washington Post trying to ‘Macaca’ Bob McDonnell?
Michael Barone, The Washington Examiner

The obvious agenda here is to raise the specter that if McDonnell is elected, all women in Virginia will be fired from their jobs and forced to stay home knitting or driving car pool. We’ll see how much longer the Post can keep this story on the front page.


Left-Leaning Washington Post Goes After Bob McDonnell
84 Rules

I remember a junior Senator from Illinois who admitted to smoking pot and snorting cocaine, broke bread with admitted domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, sat in a church pew for 20 years listening to the racial, bigoted, anti-semetic and anti-American hatred of Rev. Wright and admitted that his goal was to redistribute wealth, or as he put it, “spread the wealth.” What I don’t remember is the Washington Post or any other leftist news outlet ever bothering to cover these stories.